Tuesday, April 18, 2006

nanao sakaki and tetsuo nagasawa

John Suiter, author of Poets On The Peaks - Gary Snyder, Philip Whalen & Jack Kerouac in the North Cascades, is in Japan, researching his next book, a biography of Gary Snyder. He has heard poetry readings by Nanao Sakaki and Tetsuo Nagasawa, both of whom have spent long periods of time on Suwanose Island, an island community visited by gary Snyder in the 1960s. Tetsuo still lives there, working as a commercial fisherman.
Tetsuo has a new book out, Stumbling Earth, from Flying Books. The poems are in Japanese, with some English translations, and an introduction by Gary Snyder, and we have just sent for copies. (let us know if you want to reserve a copy)
Here is a sample:
The tree eats the mist.
It eats the moon and the faint wind
It eats of course the lunatic storm and the peaceful cloud
It eats a spoonful of soil that a snail sits down on
And the soft death of the ocean on the table
And the tree, leaning on the sky,
Falls asleep for the moment.

John asked Nanao when he would have a new book, and Nanao said " First I have to write a poem. Not so easy! Toooo lazy!"


Blogger Tyler said...

Hey, B&G! Have you found Nanao, yet? Is he still missing, then? I'm hoping to remember to hit Stephen and Mark's opening. I'm not up to much, just working as a medical receptionist and going with Marilyn to craft fairs. For the second year in a row, we did NOT find you at the common ground fair. Where WERE you??? -Tyler

11:03 AM  
Blogger charles said...

Just noticed posts here today, though they are a year old. Today (04/01/2007) Nanao is in Tucson, Arizona, and will be giving a reading at 5pm at The Drawing Studio, while drawings are shown there by his traveling companion, Hirosi Morito.

2:15 PM  

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