Tuesday, March 14, 2006

booklist from Gary Snyder

Five books on one subject "Examples of being in place"

1 Ray Hudson Moments Rightly Placed "An Aleutian memoir" How to learn to see the Aleutian Islands, while working as a schoolteacher and there for some years. Delicate, solid, careful attention to native peoples and landscape.

2 Sage Birchwater, ed. Chiwid This is about the life of a remarkable native woman of the Chilcotin Valley in interior BC. She lived outdoors and single almost her whole life, summer and winter. A lot of people both white and native, all through the big valley, knew her. She fished, hunted and trapped in and all around the ranches. As a younger woman she was quite beautiful. This is reading for your own survival instincts and spiritual inspiration.
The remarkable (white) wanderer of interior B C who goes by the name Chundee said of her "But I could never impose on someone who was living like that...if you're living like that you're living as a spirit. You're not living as a body. If you're living as a body, you're not going to be able to live like that."

3 Rick Rubin Naked Against the Rain Chinook life on the lower Columbia River in the early 19th century o.p.

4 Freeman House Totem Salmon

5 Peter Nabokov Where Lightning Strikes "The lives of American Indian Sacred Places"
Just out. Remarkable.

and two more:

Aguilar When the River Was Wild Warm Springs, Yakima and Wasco Indian peoples life with the Columbia River in the upper gorge, before the dams went in

Thomas Buckley Standing Ground Yurok spiritual training, strong & clear.


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