Saturday, March 18, 2006

Lists: food, Montana and more...

Sandor Katz, author of Wild fermentation: The Flavor, Nutrition and Craft of Live-Culture Foods, and the soon to be published The Revolution will not be microwaved - Inside America's food underground, sends us a list on The Politics of Food :

Tangled roots: Women, work and globalization on the Tomato trail Deborah Barndt
Shattering: Food, Politics and the loss of genetic diversity Fowler and Mooney
Sustainable Agriculture and resistance: Transforming food production in Cuba Funes et al.
Exotic appetites: Ruminations of a food adventurer Lisa Heldke
Some like it hot: food, genes and cultural diversity Gary Nabhan
Holy cows and hog Heaven: The food buyer's guide to farm-friendly food Joel Salatin
Tastes of Paradise: A social history of spices, stimulants and Intoxicants Wolfgang Schivelbusch
The Untold Story of Milk: Green Pastures, Contented cows and Raw Dairy Foods Ron Schmid
Stolen Harvest: the hijacking of the global food supply Vandana Shiva
Seeds of Deception: Exposing Industry and government lies about the safety of genetically engineered foods you're eating Jeffrey Smith
From the fryer to the fuel tank Joshua Tickell
Urban Wilds : Gardeners stories of the struggle for land and justice Cleo Woelfle-Erskine

From Montana, poet/carpenter David Thodal sends us a Montana booklist:

Indian Creek Chronicles Pete fromm
The Lochsa story Bud Moore
A River Runs Through It Norman MacClean
The Book of Yaak Rick Bass
One Round River Richard Manning
Homestead Annick Smith
Big Sky Reader: A treasury of the best writing from the Big Sky Journal, edited by Alan Jones and Jeff Wetmore

and a list from poet/educator Connie Vogel

The House of Paper Carlos Maria Dominguez
The Life You Save May Be your own: an American pilgrimage Paul Elie
The Pursuit of Happiness Justin Cartwright
Ditter grounds Sandra Benitez
Namesake Jhumpa Lahiri


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