Tuesday, April 18, 2006

book list from martin murie

Martin Murie sent this list of "some good books":

Michael Robinson Predatory Bureaucracy, The Extermination of Wolves and the transformation of the West
where animals, bureaucrats , naturalists, ranchers, varmentalists together make history. stories linked to stories. seriously researched. Four stars.

Eric Foner and Joshua Brown Forever Free: The Story of Emancipation and Reconstruction

Michael Pyle Walking the High Ridge - Life as a Field Trip
includes a very short excerpt of his "novel in perpetual progress" Maddalena Mountain, where the lead is played by a butterfly. Pyle is an entomologist focusing on Lepidoptera, and many other critters.

Jack Turner The Abstract Wild Opens with this epigraph from Robinson Jeffers " A little too abstract, a little too wise/ it is time for us to kiss the Earth again"

Jozef Keulartz The Struggle for Nature
Keulartz writes about the recovery of "nature" in Holland. Amusing tales of cock-eyed programs.


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