Friday, April 21, 2006

maggie brown - hunting and eating list

Maggie Brown sent this booklist on "hunting and eating, meat and life, death and food":

Gary Snyder Practice of the Wild "Everyone who ever lived took the lives of other animals, pulled plants, plucked fruit, and ate. Primary people have had their own ways of trying to understand the precept of nonharming. They knew that taking life required gratitude and care. There is no death that is not somebody's food, no life that is not somebody's death...We too will be offerings - we are all edible."

Jose Ortega y Gassett Meditations on Hunting
"Every good hunter is uneasy in the depths of his conscience when faced with the death he is about to inflict on the enchanting animal. He does not have the final and firm conviction that his conduct is correct. But neither, it should be understood, is he certain of the opposite."

Paul Shepard Traces of an Omnivore
"...there is no escape from the reality that life feeds by death-dealing (and its lesson in death-receiving). The way "out" of the dilemma is into it,...You cannot sit out the game, but must personally play or hide from it."

David Peterson Heartsblood. Hunting, Spirituality and Wilderness in America
"While hunting's critics often deride the activity as a barbaric anachronism - a filthy red remnant from our distant savage past - human ecology counters that since we evolved via hunting, and remain physically, mentally, and emotionally (genetically) exactly as we were then, to hunt is to be human."

Sandor Katz Wild Fermentation
"Wild fermentation is a way of incorporating the wild into your body, becoming one with the natural world. Wild foods, microbial cultures included, possess a great, unmediated life force, which can help us adapt to shifting conditions and lower our susceptibility to disease. The microorganisms are everywhere, and the techniques for fermenting them are simple and flexible."


Blogger Ned said...

"You gotta kill to live."

10:17 AM  
Blogger alessandro spinazzi said...

I'm very happy to say that for the last ( nearly) 40 years i'd been able to live without killing any living being ( not even a mosquito ) and ,being a vegan ( not a fanatical one), also without eating anything coming from animal's death or exploitation.

4:26 AM  

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