Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Cuban Poets

Brunswick has a sister city in Cuba: Trinidad, and every year Brunswick celebrates Cuba Week, to honor this connection. This year's events are from March 3 - 10.
I (gary) traveled two years ago to Trinidad with a group of musicians artists and a poet (myself)
I will read Cuban poetry in English Tuesday, March 7, 4 PM at the Little Dog Coffee Shop.
Here are some of the books of Cuban Poetry we carry at the bookstore:
Jose Marti was the first really widely recognized international poet of Cuba. We carry a Selected Writings, and the Jose Marti Reader. After Marti, Nicolas Guillen was the next internationally recognized poet in Cuba. Both Langston Hughes and Federico Garcia Lorca traveled to Cuba and were influenced by him. We carry Man-Making Words - Selected poems, and Yoruba from Cuba - Selected Poems.
Several contemporary Cuban poets at Gulf of Maine are: Jose Lezama Lima ("Selections"), Reina Maria Rodriguez (Time's Arrest, Violet Island and Other Poems) and Nancy Morejon (With Eyes and Soul, Looking Within - Selected Poems, and her introduction to Letters of Love and Hope - the story of the Cuban Five)
Part of the reason that there is not more contemporary Cuban poetry is the US imposed embargo. Until recently, writing was one of the embargoed items, because editing, translating or publishing the works of Cuban writers would be adding value, and that would be against the embargo. Recently this was somewhat lifted, although writing by members of the Cuban government is still covered by the embargo. City Lights Publishers will bring out a new anthology of contemporary Cuban poetry in March


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