Saturday, November 21, 2009

2009 book lists

Recently we emailed a number of writers who have read at the bookstore during the last year, are about to read at the store, or whose books we have featured this year. We asked them to list 5 books they have found wonderful/interesting/useful over the last year. We will list them here as they come in, so do please check back.

Debra Spark, novelist, Good For the Jews:

Dave Eggers - What is the What
Adrian Blevins - Live from the Homesick Jamboree
Michael Greenburg - Hurry Down Sunshine
Karen Shepard - Don't I Know You
David Shields - Reality Hunger

Clayton Eshleman, poet/translator - The Juniper Fuse:

Laura Solorzano - Lip Wolf
James Hillman - Animal Presence
Robert Kelly - Fire Exit
Novica Tadic - Assembly
Pierre Joris - Justifying the Margins

Karin Spitfire - poet - Standing With Trees:

Michael Harris - Lament for an Ocean
Carolyn Chute - The School at Heart's Content Road
Barbara Maria - Palace Boulevard
Ruth Moore - The Weir
Linda Hogan - People of the Whale

Bill Berkson, poet, Portrait and Dream: New and Selected Poems:

Curzio Malaparte - Kaputt
Aileen Ward - John Keats: The Making of a Poet
Morton Feldman - Words and Music, vols. 1 & 2 Musik Texte
Kenneth Koch - Collected Poems of Kenneth Koch
Isaiah Berlin - Russian Thinkers

Gary Lawless, Gulf of Maine Books co-owner:

Andrzej Stasiuk - Fado
Jonathan Skinner (editor) ecopoetics #6/7
Clayton Eshleman - The Juniper Fuse
Linda Hogan - People of the Whale
Ingrid Rowland - Giordano Bruno


Blogger Art Goodtimes said...

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Blogger Art Goodtimes said...

good stuff, here's my five with herodotus spelled correctly:

tryptamine palace by james orok

landmark herodotus by robert strassler

the home atlas by david feela

in blue mountain dusk by tim mcnulty

against the day by thomas pynchon

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Blogger ramontrane said...

good idea a blog from gulf of maine. better if is kept alive.

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