Friday, November 10, 2006

Holiday Reading Series

For this holiday season we are suggesting that you not only support local businesses, but local writers and publishers.
Here is our reading series for the season:

Nov. 11, Saturday, 4 PM
Annie Farnsworth - Angel of the Heavenly Tailgate (poetry), Moon Pie Press, Westbrook
Robert Chute - Reading Nature (poems) Just Write Books, Topsham
Virginia Chute - Remembrances of Marietta Lufford (Historical fiction) Jay Street
Publishers, New York

Nov. 18, Saturday, 4 PM
Baron Wormser - The Road Washes Out in Spring - A Poet's Memoir of Living Off The
Grid, University of New England Press, Hanover, N H

Dec. 1, friday, 7 PM
Phil Hoose - Perfect, Once Removed - When Baseball was all the world to me (memoir)
Walker & Co., New York

Dec. 2, Saturday, 4 PM
Linda Buckmaster - Heartsongs and Other Legacies - (poems) Illuminated Sea Press
Belfast, Maine
Bruce Spang - The Knot (poems) Snow Drift Press, Bristol
Sally Woolf - Wade - Nightsong (poems) Goose River Press, Waldoboro

Dec. 8, Friday, 7 PM
author Franklin Burroughs and photographer Heather Perry - Confluence -
Merrymeeting Bay, Tilbury House, Gardiner Maine

Dec. 16, Saturday, 4 PM
Pat LaMarche Left Out in America - The State of Homelessness in the United States
Upala Press, Portland, Maine

All events are free and open to the public.
For more information please call 729-5083


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