Thursday, July 06, 2006

John Tagliabue

Here is a poem by our wonderful friend, poet/teacher John Tagliabue, who passed away recently, written about a place we love very much:

All in the village of Gubbio have
dreamt of this before Christmas 2002

The wolf of Gubbio
was purring as if it were a cat,
it was hiding in the dark as if it were a bat,
its heart was beating like yours and like that
of St. Francis. The delicate drumming was heard
all over. I can tell by the way you read this
that you heard it and I hear your heart
beating very very close to mine.

The lamb dreamt near the wolf.


Blogger Sincerity said...

wow, a beautiful poem.. it really captures the reader with the events, i like poems such as this when i feel involved.

9:04 AM  

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