Friday, May 23, 2008

Those Lizard People

from the book God Laughs and Plays, by David James Duncan:
One sip of the fire in the water and he began telling of a friend of his, new to visionary experience, who'd recently sought council from a Brazilian shaman. The friend had been traumatized, during a lengthy initiation rite, when he had a vision of a bunch of fearsome, remorseless Reptile Beings, The Reptile Men surrounded John's terrified friend, informed him that they controlled the entire world, and prophesied that they were going to devour the whole thing.
In response to this revelation, the old shaman waved his hand dismissively and chuckled, "Those Lizard People! They think they run everything!"


Blogger David Corbett said...

Hi Gary!

Now you're quoting David James Duncan! Remember, I only like those males authors who are angry and filled with angst!

Dave Corbett

8:22 PM  

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