Thursday, March 15, 2007

Chechnya reading list

We will be having a reading for Chechnya at the bookstore Sat., March 31, 3 PM.

Here is a small reading list of books about Chechnya. We especially recommend the work of Anna Politkovskaya, who was murdered after publishing two books about Chechnya and another about Putin's Russia.

In stock at the store:
A Small Corner of Hell - Dispatches from Chechnya - Anna Politkovskaya
The Oath - A Surgeon Under Fire (also published as Grief of my heart - Memories of a Chechyn surgeon) Khassan Baiev
Chechnya - To the Heart of A Conflict - Andrew Meier
Chechnya: The Case for Independence - Tony Wood

Harder to find:
The Dirty War - Anna Politkovskaya
Cechnya Diary - A war correspondent's story of surviving the war in Chechnya - Thomas Goltz
Chienne de Guerre - a woman reporter behind the lines of the war in Chechnya - Anna Nival
Allah's Mountains - The Battle for Chechnya - Sebastian Smith

Tell the world,
which is sacrificing Chechnya,
that for the world,
Chechnya is burning.

Apti Bisultanov, Chechen poet


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