Sunday, December 13, 2009

even more booklists

From Jonathan Skinner - poet -With Naked Foot, editor - Ecopoetics

Peter Culley:
Age of Briggs and Stratton

Greg Marley:
Mushrooms for Health - Medicinal Secrets of northeastern fungi

Mark Nowak (with Ian Teh)
Coal Mountain Elementary

Jane Sprague
Port of Los Angeles

Anne Waldman

From Patricia Ranzoni, poet, author of Only Human:

Catherine Schmitt, editor :
Coastal Companion - a year in the Gulf of Maine from Cape Cod to Canada

Etain Addey:
Silent Joy - diaries of an Italian hill farm

Donna Loring:
In the Shadow of the Eagle - A Tribal Representative in Maine

Thomas Fox Averill:
Secrets of the Tsil Cafe

Brian Yarvin
A World of Dumplings, Filled Dumplings, Pockets and Little Pies from around
the globe