Sunday, October 04, 2009

new issue of ecopoetics magazine

We have just received the great new edition of Jonathan Skinner's ecopoetics magazine, no 6/7, 2006-2009. Jonathan has gathered together a wide range of work, with a big feature on Australian eco-poetics, two interviews with Gary Snyder, a wonderful Ted Enslin piece (with photographs), art by Isabelle Pelissier, a mIEKAL aND interview, work by Forrest Gander, Robert Grenier, Jim Koller, Andrew Schelling, Jack Collom, Jose Marti, Ben Friedlander (and much much more) and this incredible poem, by Fatho Amoy, translated by Kristen Andersen:


Evening travelers who follow the rumor of
Waves and blue star of bays,
Refrain from reflecting too much on your dreams
And from long accomodating sorrows that
Devastate your passed life.
At the tip of the night, it is one land all together
Close and distant as the birthing day is
Stirred by swallows and the scents of guava.
One country to the range of heart and smile
Where the desire to live and the fortune to love
Burn the same fiery green as the filaos.
Be wary of traversing it without your knowledge:
The seasons upon your heels cloud the landscape;
But each step is the luck of a single dream.