Friday, August 22, 2008

encounter at Gulf of Maine

Friday afternoon, and a woman brings a blank journal with a picture of Che on the cover to the front counter.

"Why do you have this book?
He was a filthy Bolshevik. He was vermin.
Do you know how many people he killed?

I think that our president has killed more people -

"You're an old hippy.
Get your hair cut."

When you sew your lips shut, I'll cut my hair."

What year is this? What Decade? What century?

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Fall Book Events at Gulf of Maine

Looking forward to the fall/pre-Christmas season, we see an exciting year for new books by Maine authors. We hope to have book events at the store for the following books/authors: Lee Sharkey with her new book of poems "A Darker, Sweeter Thing", Colin Sargent for his new novel "Museum of Human Beings", Carolyn Chute and her new novel "School on Heart's Content", Phyllis Austin's new book on Buzz Caverly and Baxter State Park "Wilderness Partners", two books by Brunswick authors for children and young adults: Calef Brown's "Soup for Breakfast" and Charlotte Agell's "Shift", and an apple sampling event with John Bunker, author of Not Far From The Tree: The apples of Palermo Maine".
We will also host a reading by British poet Tom Pickard on Sunday afternoon, October 5.
Other books we look forward to this coming season include Linda Hogan's new novel "People of the Whale", Gioia Timpanelli's new novel "What Makes A Child Lucky", Terry Tempest Williams' new "Mosaic", Bill Porter/Red Pine's new book on his travels in China - "Zen Baggage", a collection of the Correspondence between Gary Snyder and Allen Ginsberg and a new book by Tom Butler : Wildlands Philanthropy - The Great American Tradition - (features Baxter, Acadia, and Norton's Island).
It looks like a good fall for books!
Dates so far:

Sunday, October 5 British poet Tom Pickard reading with Stephen Petroff at the Old Goat Pub, Maine Street in Richmond, 530 PM (to follow the memorial event for artist Richard Lee)
Sunday, Oct. 19, 430 PM - Charlotte Agell at Gulf of maine with her new book Shift
Saturday Nov 1, 3 PM John Bunker with his new book about apples in Maine - Not Far From the Tree
Saturday, Nov. 15, 4 PM reading and signing with Colin Sargent for his new novel "The Museum of Human Beings" and Lee Sharkey for her new book of poems A Darker Sweeter Thing"
Saturday Nov. 29, 3 PM - Phyllis Austin with her new book about Baxter State Park - Wilderness Partners