Thursday, April 17, 2008

gary snyder recommends

Reading recent posts on Karl Pohrt's great blog on books and bookselling,thereisnogap, I came across his mention of a recent visit from Gary Snyder. Gary was recommending recent reading, audio and video. Here are the recommendations:
Books -
The People's Act of Love - by James Meek
Tree of Meaning: Language, Mind and Ecology - Robert Bringhurst
Learning from Native Wisdom - Gary Holthaus
Video - A Zen Life - on D T Suzuki (Gary was interviewed for the film)
and a new 2 cd set of Gary Snyder reading with musicians in Japan, at the Tokyo 2002 summer festival. The Japanese import is called Mountains and Rivers without end, and sells for $30 in the US.
We will be carrying all three books and the cd set.