Sunday, June 24, 2007

joanne kyger collected poems

We are very happy to announce the publication of Joanne Kyger's Collected (so far) Poems.
We are also very happy that they are being published here in Maine, by the National Poetry Foundation.
Again, we are even happier that Joanne will come to Maine and give us several chances to hear her read from these poems.
As listed above, the book is 800+ pages, collected from many smaller publications over the years.
Here are the Kyger books we still have in stock:
As Ever (selected poems, from Penguin), Again: Poems, The Distressed Look (from Coyote), Some Life, Patzcuaro, and Strange Big Moon (Japan and India journals)
We hope to get more copies of:
All This Every Day, God Never Dies, and Phenomenological.
Joanne's tour of Maine, as it stands today:
Sept 27, Univ. Maine Orono
Sept. 30, Gulf of Maine Books, Brunswick
Oct. 4 - Bates College, Lewiston
Oct. 6 - Univ of Southern Maine, Portland

Saturday, June 16, 2007

poetry podcasts

Shoemaker and Hoard publishers have made available three poetry podcasts, poems and interviews with Gary Snyder, Robert Hass, and Wendell Berry. To hear them, click on:

Saturday, June 09, 2007

internet review of Gulf of Maine

Today, while searching for an address on the internet, i came across the insiderpages site ( ) and saw that Gulf of Maine was listed, with two reviews. I went to our listing and found the following, which has been up on the site since 5/30/2005:

Slanted, specialty store with negative propaganda
by Paula E.

The Gulf of Maine is in a prime location on Maine Street in Brunswick. The store is lovely, well laid out, and cozy; but the content leaves much to be desired. Unless one is an angry homosexual or feminist, most of the books in Gulf of maine will not appeal to him or her. It saddens me that in the middle of a tourist area, such a political statement exists; it would be wonderful if the store offerred primarily books on the area and the state.
Pros: Lovely store, prime location
Cons: Politically slanted content only.