Sunday, May 23, 2010

Summer Reading Series

We have a number of author events lined up for the summer, and more to come!

Saturday, June 26, 4 PM - Susan Drinker Moran - author of The House At Bunganuc Landing - local Brunswick history - Susie will talk about the Bunganuc area of Brunswick and read and sign her book -

Friday, July 16, 6 PM Stonecoast Alumni Nonfiction Authors - A reading with Katherine Briccetti (Blood Strangers), Kim Dana Kupperman (I Just Lately Started Buying Wings - missives from the other side of silence)and Penelope Schwartz Robinson (Slippery Men)

Saturday, July 17, 4 PM - Brunswick author Jane Brox - Her new book Brilliant:The Evolution of Light was just reviewed by Publisher's Weekly "A superb history of how the availability of ever more artificial light has changed the world over the centuries, from stone lamps in prehistoric caves to contemporary light emitting diodes (LEDs). Her readings are invariably fascinating and often original. In addition, she conveys technical information clearly and concisely.With Brox's beautiful prose, this book amply lives up to its title."

Saturday, July 24, 4 PM - Kids Day with local authors Charlotte Agell and Sandra Dutton
Charlotte's new book is an illustrated chapter book called The Accidental Adventures of India McAllister
You can meet India, her family and friends at India's blog:
Sandra Dutton's new illustrated book for kids (and adults) is
Mary Mae and the Gospel Truth - wherein trilobites and Noah's Ark meet the Fundamentalist history of a 6000 year old earth
Find out more at:

Friday, August 13, 7 PM - A Publishing Party for Maine in Four Seasons - 20 Poets Celebrate the Turning Year, edited by Wes McNair, from Down East Books, with poets Stu Kestenbaum, Pat Ranzoni, Robert Siegel, Martin Steingesser and artist/illustrator Jan Owen.